High refractive index light management

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PixClear Zirconia nanocryatals by Pixelligent Technologies, are nanoadditives that, according to the company, dramatically increase light output and readability of touch screens and displays. Light output is also increased for such lighting applications as HB LEDs and OLEDs.The clear vs. traditionally cloudy nanocrystals are easy to process and stable—something in the past that prevented commercial adoption. The clear dispersions result in precise control over an application’s optical, chemical and mechanical properties for transparency, scratch resistance and light extraction.The nanocrystal dispersions are compatible with a variety of monomers and polymers. The high-quality dispersions can be incorporated in the most widely used polymer systems for highly transparent formulations with nanocrystal loadings in excess of 80% weight, reaching a refractive index up to 1.85.  The product is available in two formulations depending on performance and manufacturing requiements.

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By Carolyn Mathas on April 2, 2013

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