Delivering a combination of properties and never-before-seen performance for a broad array of electronics applications.

Enabling the Next Generations of
Electronic Applications

Pixelligent partners with global industry leaders who design, manufacture, and deliver advanced electronic devices.

Extended Reality (AR/MR)

Experience the forefront of optical innovation for Extended Reality (XR) devices with Pixelligent’s breakthrough PixNIL® high refractive index formulations.

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Optimize light efficiency and device performance for cutting-edge display applications with Pixelligent’s high refractive index formulations.

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Optical Sensors

Pixelligent’s high-refractive index formulations and dispersions dramatically improve light capture and sensing capabilities in optical sensors.

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OLED Lighting

More than double the light efficiency of OLED lighting applications with Pixelligent’s tunable PixClear® Zirconia nanocrystal dispersions.

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Delivering High RI Materials for Advanced Electronic Devices

Through its award-winning expertise in developing high refractive index formulations and tunable dispersions, Pixelligent is at the forefront of transforming next-generation applications.

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