The application of nanotechnology in advanced materials will impact almost every product we touch everyday.

Zirconia Based High RI Materials

Our high refractive index nanocrystal dispersions dramatically improve optical and mechanical properties to enable next-generation products. We disperse nanocrystals into a variety of solvents and polymer systems to create perfectly clear dispersions.

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How Zirconia Can Work in Your Application

Our library of White Papers and Presentations illustrates how we achieve increased light output for Solid State Lighting, high dielectric constant for Display, and other benefits in our target applications.

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Try PixClear® for Increased Light Output

Try our PixClear® 4-pack starter kit, which includes four of our most popular products. These materials are compatible with many polymers, including acrylics, siloxanes and epoxies. Start testing today to see the benefits in your application.

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