Feb 16, 2021

Pixelligent Deploys $300,000 From Baltimore Development Corp to Commission PixClear® Titania Manufacturing Line

BALTIMORE – February 16, 2021 – Pixelligent Technologies, whose PixClear® Designer Compounds™ dramatically boost the efficiency and sustainability of consumer electronics and clean energy applications, today shared details of a $300,000 funding from the Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC). Pixelligent has deployed this funding to support the building and commissioning of its first-of-a-kind nano-titania manufacturing line. This newly installed line will produce 5 tons of PixClear® Titania annually and will support between 10 and 20 tons of PixClear® formulated products for the display, sensor, lens and 3D optics markets.

“Since we first considered moving our material development and manufacturing operations to Baltimore, the BDC has been an important partner, providing capital at critical times,” said Craig Bandes, Pixelligent Technologies CEO. “The BDC’s latest funding has enabled us to build and commission a state-of-the-art manufacturing line to produce our recently introduced PixClear® Titania ultra-high-index nanocomposites at scale.”

“BDC worked with Pixelligent when they first relocated to Baltimore City and we are pleased to assist them again to expand their advanced manufacturing,” said Colin Tarbert, president and CEO of BDC.  “This expansion of their manufacturing capabilities will enable the company to create job opportunities for city residents.”

“We’ve seen global customer demand quickly surpass our initial lab-scale production capabilities, and this new manufacturing line will allow us to easily meet current demand and support rapid growth,” Bandes continued. “The BDC is an important driver of economic growth and development for the city of Baltimore and we appreciate their continued support as we expand our manufacturing footprint in Baltimore,” said Bandes.

About Pixelligent Technologies

By synthetically replicating metal oxides that nature has perfected, Pixelligent has reinvented the way composite materials are made, dramatically improving the efficiency and sustainability of consumer electronics and clean energy applications. Our PixClear® Designer Compounds™ deliver a combination of properties, operating efficiencies and never-before-seen performance for Augmented and Mixed Reality, OLED/QD/LED displays, optical sensors, solid-state lighting, and energy-related applications. Our PixClearProcess® development and manufacturing platform enables us to engineer materials that seamlessly integrate into the most common manufacturing processes, including ink jet, nanoimprint, spin coating, dispensing, slot-die, and photolithography. Our PixClearProcess® utilizes a fraction of the footprint required by traditional chemical companies, and our efficiency-enhancing PixClear® materials can deliver terawatts of energy savings across display and solid-state lighting applications. Please visit us at www.pixelligent.com and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @Pixelligent.

Sarah Nicholson

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