PixClear® Products For LED Lighting

Pixelligent offers customized nanocrystal nanocomposites using our Designer Composites™ services for prototype products in LED applications. Using this service, we can disperse our nanocrystals into many commercial silicones and can work with a silicone specific to your LED application.

When cured, these materials create thermally stable, optically clear films with high refractive index and high transparency. We welcome the opportunity to work with you on a customized dispersion that will meet your requirements.


When deployed in LED lighting applications, our PixClear Products have the potential to deliver up to 86 terawatts of power savings annually.

Custom PixClear® Dispersions

LED manufacturers fight for every 1% increase in light output – Pixelligent’s products for LED lighting increase light output by 5-10%. Our materials create brighter LEDs and decrease cost of luminaires and lamps.

By incorporating our silicone-based nanocrystal dispersions, we raise the refractive index of Methyl-Phenyl silicones up to 1.63 and of Dimethyl silicones up to 1.58. Our materials achieve these benefits with minimal impact on thermal stability and lifetime reliability of the silicones and end products.

Pixelligent offers customized PixClear® nanocrystal dispersions using our Designer Compounds™ custom manufacturing services for for customers looking to incorporate high refractive index materials into their existing formulations.

High Refractive Index
Increased Light Extraction
Thermal Stability
Lifetime Reliability

PixClear® Zirconia Products


Custom ZrO₂ Formulations

  • Pixelligent offers customized PixClear® zirconia nanocrystal formulations using our Designer Composites™ custom manufacturing services for for customers looking to dramatically improve light output in LED lighting.

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