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Pixelligent has reinvented the way composite materials are made. By synthetically replicating a broad set of metal oxide materials found in nature, we’ve created Designer Compounds™ that deliver a never-before-seen combination of properties and performance. Our Pixclear® Zirconia and Titania nanocrystals improve the optical, electronic, thermal, and mechanical properties of acrylics, silicones, siloxanes and epoxies.

Our PixClear® materials are being deployed across the electronics industry in support of AI, 5G, and Extended Reality. We are delivering the highest performance in terms of brightness, clarity, operating efficiencies, and device-lifetime required by the next generation of electronics applications, including:

AR / VR / MR

OLED and MicroLED Displays

CMOS and 3D Sensors

OLED Lighting

LED Lighting

In AR/VR/MR applications, our materials will provide the widest field of view (FoV) for end users. In OLED and microLED applications, our materials significantly increase light output and display efficiency. In Optical Sensor applications, our materials enable ever-shrinking sensors to capture more light using multiple form factors. Across all of these applications our PixClear® materials deliver the highest refractive index, robust mechanical properties, and near-perfect transparency.

Pixelligent was awarded the Manufacturer of the Year
by Frost & Sullivan in 2017 for our PixClearProcess®

– the first award for a nano-manufacturer

We have raised over $50M in equity funding from a combination of strategic and financial investors and have been awarded nearly $20M in US federal grants. We currently operate in a 18,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art pilot manufacturing and laboratory facility in Baltimore, Maryland and have sales offices in the Republic of Korea and Taiwan.

Our Credo

Pixelligent is a company dedicated to innovation and advancing the communities in which we live and work. Our customers drive our work and we strive for clarity and transparency in our products and our relationships. We believe we can only succeed by creating a safe and respectful environment, driven by open, thoughtful, and fearless communication. We understand and appreciate that we must be willing to risk failure in order to learn, grow, and accomplish great things.

By living these core principles, we will deliver successful products, develop our employees to their fullest potential, and provide excellent returns to our shareholders.

  • Delivering innovative products to our customers inspires us
  • Clarity and transparency in everything we do defines us
  • Safety and the development of our employees guides us
  • Respect, trust, and collaboration binds us

Meet our dynamic team of innovative
chemists, engineers and businesspeople.

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Tel: (443) 529-8310
6411 Beckley St., Holabird Business Park
Baltimore, MD 21224

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