Nanocrystals target display, lighting apps

Electronic Products 

Three new products were added to the PixClear Zirconia nanocrystal family – the PixClear-PG and PixClear-PN formulations, and the PixClear 4CAP nanocrystal dispersions. The two new formulations provide device manufacturers with additional light management solutions for numerous display and lighting applications. The PixClear 4CAP nanocrystals is a collection of four formulations to accelerate the down-select process for their application requirements.



The material has a refractive index of 1.85+ and a low haze coating even at high nanocrystal loading of 80%+. It is used in touch screens, CMOS image sensors, HB LED and OLED applications, and clear protective films. When incorporated into touch screens and displays, the nanoadditives increase light output and readability. It also increases the light output and efficiency of lighting applications such as HB LEDs and OLEDs, and when incorporated into clear protective films it reduces glare/sparkle and improves scratch resistance. The product is compatible with many of the most widely used varieties of monomers and polymers.

August 29, 2013

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