Pixelligent is producing proprietary, groundbreaking nanocrystal dispersions for the optical component and film markets. The ability to adjust the refractive index of nearly any polymer system with the use of nanocrystals opens the door to design and component performance never thought possible before. Our custom, solvent-free dispersion capabilities enable simple ‘drop-in’ solutions for existing processes. The ability to modify the surface of our nanocrystals allows us to disperse them in a variety of polymers and monomers in addition to solvents.

Target applications include:

  • Micro and achromatic doublet lenses for CMOS image sensors
  • Secondary lenses for CMOS image sensors and optical components
  • Index matched optical adhesives and films

Why use Pixelligent PixClear™? Our synthesis and surface modification technology results in highly dispersible nanocrystals. This means:

  • The ability to load composites in excess of 80wt%
  • Minimal-to-zero impact on viscosity
  • Virtually no agglomeration of nanocrystals resulting in optically clear dispersions

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