PixClear™ nanocrystal dispersions and nanocomposites are revolutionizing light management in display and lighting applications. Materials with significantly different refractive indices in display devices can lead to glare, lower brightness, reduced luminescence and wasted energy and can even result in premature device failure. There has never been a greater need to match the refractive indices between polymer films and inorganic materials which can significantly improve the light output and readability of modern touch screens and displays. Additionally, when incorporated in solid state lighting applications, such as LEDs and OLEDs, index matching can significantly improve light output and device reliability. The addition of high refractive index PixClear™ nanocrystals to polymer systems achieves this goal. It is cost effective without the need for special equipment or high temperature thermal cycles typically required with similar inorganic solutions.


  • ITO Refractive Index Matching Layer for Touch Screen
  • LED & OLED Light Extraction
  • CMOS Image Sensor Lenses and Packaging
  • Hard Coatings with Index Matching
  • Wafer Level Opto Assemblies


  • Tunable Nanocrystal Size from 3 nm to 7 nm with Narrow Size Distribution
  • Highly Crystalline
  • Well Passivated Surface
  • Aggregate Free Suspensions
  • Compatible with Various Solvents, and Polymers
  • High Specific Surface Area
  • High Bulk Hardness


  • High Refractive Index
  • Highly Transparent at the Visible Wavelengths
  • Low Haze Coatings Even at High Nanocrystal Loading
  • Improved Scratch Resistance and Hardness
  • Improved Anti-Corrosion
  • Improved Chemical Resistance

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