Pixelligent is producing proprietary, groundbreaking nanocrystal dispersions for the solid state lighting market. The need for next-generation materials that dramatically improve the extraction of light from these devices has never been greater. In general, when inorganic materials interface with organic films the resulting refractive index mismatch causes scattering and poor light transmission. By providing the industry with a cost effective, ‘drop-in’ capability to modify the index of optically clear polymer systems, Pixelligent’s PixClear™ and custom nanocrystal dispersions enables an entirely new generation of optically engineered materials to enhance the efficiency and light output of both LED and OLED devices.

Target applications include:

  • LEDs
    • High index composite layers to significantly improve lumen output in LED down conversion layers and encapsulants, with an expected light extraction increase of 5-10%
    • Dimethyl and methyl phenyl silicone nanocomposites at high loading with virtually no agglomeration
  • OLEDs
    • High index composite layers which dramatically improve the performance of light extraction structures in OLED lighting
    • Acrylic nanocomposites in excess of 80wt% with virtually no agglomeration of nanocrystals while maintaining the transparency

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